Friday, May 22, 2009

Tamilnadu SSLC Results 2009

Tamil nadu SSLC results are going to be released tomorrow. Some of the links for the Results are seen below. You are just one click away from getting your result. Just click and enjoy. All the best all of the Students who are looking for their results.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Paid Blogging

Blogging, the word which is very popular to everyone's who is having a fair knowledge about the Online earning. Gambilng, Casinos, Paid Surveys and Blogging are the best ways to earn money in this financial crisis is happening all over the world. During the lay off periods the guys who got the lay offs got frustrated and they can do this kinda part time works which will help them to get some reasonble earning through online without much effort. Blogging is the one of the best way to earn money and there are several sites which offered to the Bloggers and Advertisers some money. This sites help the Bloggers to earn some revenue and it also helps the Advertisers to build some traffic for their sites there by improving their ranks. Paid Blogging sites are free to enter and they are free to register and get paid. For that all you need is a decent blog contains fruitful information about anything which is happening in and around the world. Just submit the site and got paid through the Blog advertising sites. Based on the quality of your site you got paid and the sites keep on increasing your revenue with more and more opportunities. For more articles about the paid blogging and other info click the link.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Coin Dealer

Investing in Gold, Silver and Platinum and other precious metals are one of the important ways to preserves one's wealth. Gold and silver is available in the form Ingots, Coins as well. Monex is the company which is dealing this kind of pure precious metal in the forms of Ingots and Coins since 1965. They are the authorized coin dealer to sell the Precious metals like Silver through Online in USA for personal use. In US the precious metals price are not stable, occasionally they come down, but most of the times it's high. Monex company is selling the silver coins in the form of Coins through Silver bags containing more than 90% silver and the Gold coins are also through bags having .9167 fine gold. The Eagle coins are also available with 10 one ounce coins and the silver coins with .999 percent pure silver. Why to wait in this era of recession? Just call the Executives of the Monex to book or just click the link to go to the homepage of the Monex. Hope this info is useful.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The world’s first real submersible car

The world's first real submersible car

This recent picture released by
Swiss car maker Rinspeed, 2008 shows a couple driving a sQuba,
the world's first real submersible car built by Rinspeed,
that will be presented at the 2008 Geneva car show in March. AFP
of the Submersible car.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Moving Company

Relocating from one place to another place is just like doing an adventure. It is very hard to do that while relocating, we need to preserve the breakables and other important things from damaging. There are several packing and Movers companies are available in every part of the World. Humboldt's Boston Moving Company is one of the companies which are dealing this kind of Movers and Packers which is available all over the world. The Moving Company which is having branches all over the world; they are the N0.1 in customer service since 1950. In 1950, the Boston Moving Company started by the four guys and now it is having branches all over the world. Now they can send any amount of packages to all around the world. The packages are valuated based upon their weightings and the ingredients inside the Packages. If you’re supposed to pack your belongings to a remote place, just make a call to the customer service number of the Humboldt Moving Company they will guide you guys till the destination reached. Give your belongings to the Humboldt Staffs and believe that you and your belongings in the safe hands. Please fill in the particulars in the site and note the time for the relocation and enjoy the relocation with absolutely no stress. Thanks for your time guys.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Suzhuki to Join Fiat Group

Maruthi Suzhuki, one of the famous car manufacturing company in India as well as Japan, is now all set to join the Fiat Group which is already having Chrysler, Fiat and Opel companies. The Fiat is already expanding their sales through the tie up with the above said companies. Now the Martuhi Suzhuki, the Japanese based Car manufacturing company is ready to join with the Fiat group to increase the sales of their vehicles. Maruthi Suzhuki, the market leader in the B segment as well as the C segment of the cars worldwide. They are having the market share of 75% in the B segment itself. Now they are joining Fiat to increase sales. Stay tuned for more updates....!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Guess, Whos on the Pic?

Guess Who is one the Pic?

Whos on the Pic, Guess...?

Hi, Cars are now becoming the eminent part of the life. Everyone in this world is very keen to own a car. Before owning the car, we need to know something about the car. Guess, who is on the pics?. Paste your comments here.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Maruthi Suzhuki Ritz

Maruthi Suzhuki Ritz, the upcoming Hatchback model car which is to be unveiled by this May 2009 by the Maruthi Suzhuki. The car is updated version of the previously introduced hatchback model car Wagon and it is already replaced the Wagon in the European countries. But in India it is probably sale of both cars are to be done. This car is already named as Maruthi Suzhuki Splash and it is now ranamed now as Ritz. The engine displacement of 1248cc, four cylinder multi jet DDIS diesel engine power the car, we can go up to a maximum of 165km. The engine delivers a maximum power of 75bhp at 4000rpm and a maximum torque of 190Nm at 1750rpm. The car comes with a standard AC, Mp3 player with four speakers and came to see about the Safety features of the car, it is been fitted with ABS with EBD, front two Airbags, ESP and Fog lamps. There are six models are available in this car. Both petrol as well as Diesel engine models are available in this version. The price of the car is in the range of 4 lacs to 5.5lacs. Stay tuned for more updates....!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kona Kava

Hi guys, here I bring you an important article about the Green life of the Plants and Ethno botanical. This term is widely used by many of the Botany as well as Biology students. Many of the guys don’t hear about the term Entheogen, meant "Becoming Divine within". It is the term which is closely related to that of the Ethno botanical. Every botany student needs the plants for their Herbarium, some other needs the plants for the purpose of medication and rattle roots. In this site, they are offering different kinds of plants which we can’t get it. Several online botanical shops are available, but the service is not as good as They are having their own garden; from there they are producing the plants for the various purposes like meditation, her barium and Medical props. They won’t destroy the plants and trees in the reserve forest areas, all the things are legally done by them. They are dealing with Tribal’s of Brazilian rain forests, Africa and elsewhere. They are having kona kava farm in Hawaii to develop the Kava products. There are several satisfied customers are for this site all over the world. They are the one who preserves the Rain forests and Entheogen Community from destroying. Why to wait, if you need the plant, search and identify it in the site and order online. Only condition is, you must be atleast 18 years of age. Spread the greatness of the site. Hope it is useful.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ford Fusion Sport Hatchback

Ford Fusion, one of the C plus segment car which is going well in the sales and profit. Now the Ford motors has decided to unveil the sports version of the Ford Fusion car. Now the Fusion sports version will comes under the Hatchback model cars. The Ford Fusion Sport comes with a sporty chasis and the front and side grills are modified. The engine info, three variants are there. They are 96bhp 1.4 liters four cylinder engine, 120 bhp 1.6 liters four cylinder gasoline engine models and a 90 bhp 1.4 liters four cylinder diesel engines variants are available. The head lights and the tail lights are modified to suit the Hatchback model car. Stay tuned for more updates...!


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