Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hyundai Elantra Touring

Elantra Touring, an Hatchback model car which is based entirely on the i30 which is already manufactured and introduced in the markets of Korea, Japan and Europe. Already Elantra sedan model and Coupe model doesn't got a huge response from the buyers, Hyundai now aiming at the Elantra Touring the hatchback model 5 door car. The car is enough for a 5 member family and its more comfortable when compared to that of the i10 and i20 because of the leg room and head room which the Touring model is having. More over, the same kind of spacious Getz compete with this hatchback model. This car is not built based on the customers of the US. The car comes with 2lt four cylinder engine to power the car. Lets see this model will create some bugs for Hyundai or gonna bite their hands in this recession time. Stay tuned for more updates...!


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