Saturday, October 25, 2008

Santro eco

Hi...guys...happy to meet you all with an interesting article...Santro Eco is the new model from the Hyundai corporation. It is the car which is fitted with an factory fitted LPG kit. Its a dual fuel car that runs both on petrol as well as LPG. Its comes under the hatchback model cars, its competitive to the TATA Indica Xeta which also having the same dual fuel facility. The car is having the ground clearance of 182 meters the most by any other cars in the hatchback segment. Its having four manual gears and fitted with 1086cc engine. Power steering is used for the very easy driving experience and its equipped with a rear defogger and fog lamps. When seeing about the mileage of the car, it will go about 13kmpl. We can switch the two fuel tanks. It costs about 3.5 lakhs to 3.7 lakhs. Its comes with a standard 2 years warranty. The LPG fittings are authorized by the Departments of explosives DOE. Thank you for seeing this post..Please fill your comments in the cbox...


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