Friday, February 20, 2009

Honda Civic

Hi Guys, happy to see you all with an interesting article about the latest cars available in the market. In this series here comes Honda Civic 2009. There are several types of cars which offers this several features, but the Honda Civic is the best car ever seen. The specs of the car is looks very sporty and cool. In this car there are several variants. They are DX,EX,EXL,SI,GX,LX,LXS and Hybrid. The car is fitted with an standard ABS with EBD, and Automatic climate control HVAC. When come to see about the security features of the car it is fitted with traction control, cruise control, stability control and 6 air bags. Thanks for seeing this post. Hope you like it. Paste your comments here. The car is available in the price range of 15,000$ to 25,000$.


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