Monday, December 6, 2010

Hyundai Accent Eco

Hyundai, the Japanese car manufacturer is ready to unveil the all new Hyundai Accent Eco after the success of the car Hyundai Santro Eco the dual fuel car which runs on both Gasoline and Liquefied petroleum gas. The Accent is the No.1 product in its segment and the car is very famous too. Accent Eco comes with a 1.5lt engine and a five speed manual transmission. The cars LPG kit is tested three for the leakage of gas before it is hand over to the customer. One more advantage in the car is, we need not change the oil of the car frequently and the emission of toxic gases like co2 and co are reduced as compared to that of the earlier versions of Accent. The car is having a unmatched 2 years warranty and the price of the Factory fitted LPG makes the car more powered. The 27.2lt LPG tank and 45lts Gasoline tank is used to power up the car. The cars price range is 34,900 in excess of the previous Accent which is powered by Gasoline alone. It costs around 5,33,900INR is the Ex-show room price in Delhi.


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