Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hyundai Tiburon

Hi to all... glad to meet u guys with an interesting article about the Hyundai Tiburon.All of the talk about Hyundai for the last year or two has been in regards to the Genesis sedan and coupe. Sure, the new products sound much more exciting than anything Hyundai dealers have ever sold, but it also means products like the Tiburon have been completely forgotten.

If you can get past the looks, the Tiburon is a pretty solid car. The six-speed manual and V-6 aren't the best in the business, but they provide ample power. The seats are comfortable, and the standard equipment list isn't too shabby. No, the Tiburon isn't exciting enough to steal away sales from the V-6 Ford Mustang, but the forthcoming, rear-wheel-drive Genesis coupe should be. Heck, the Genesis coupe should even steal some Mustang GT sales.

The most surprising part of the Tiburon was the radio. At first glance, I thought this car had an aftermarket head unit, but a second look revealed it to be a Hyundai-branded Kenwood unit. I don't know if that decision was made so tuners could replace the stock stereo with an aftermarket unit or if the Hyundai folks just thought the Kenwood unit looks cool, but it certainly was unexpected.


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