Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Skoda Roomster

Hi Guys, Happy to meet you with an intersting article, Hope it is useful...The fourth in the Skoda model inventory, the Skoda Roomster, is scheduled to be unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show.

The area set aside for the debut is the Skoda Auto display, which will be located in Hall 2 with a coverage area of 1,155 square metres, will be found in Geneva. In addition to the unveiling, an additional five Skoda Roomster cars will be exhibited with each featuring a different level of equipment.

The Skoda Roomster’s inaugural appearance occurred in 2003 at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. It was showcased as a design study, but was quickly proven favorable to both automotive experts and consumers alike. The spacious interior and compact dimensions have proven to be a viable option for many auto enthusiasts. It’s interior seating system allows for a conceivable four or five seat automobile. In addition, visibility is improved for all passengers through the use of a raised rear seat, large rear door glass and a panoramic roof. The Skoda Roomster vehicles, including the base models, feature four airbags and five three-point retractor seat belt systems.

The Skoda Roomster will be made available through the primary European markets during the summer months of 2006. In addition to the Roomster, Skoda Auto plans to introduce the Fabia, Octavia and Superb models at the Geneva International Motor Show.


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