Friday, January 9, 2009

HID Bulbs

Hi guys. Happy to see you all with an interesting article about HID Bulbs. We can fit the HID Bulbs for the cars which do not having the factory fitted HID Lights. When the head lights in the car is not working properly or flickering, we need to change it. If we need to change the shape, color and style of the bulb, we can use this HID lamps instead of using the spare lamps. This HID Bulbs comes with various sizes and temperatures like 4300k, 6000k, 8000k and 12000k. By varying the temperature we can get Diamond white, Purple, Iceburg blue, Deep blue. Based on the temperature of the bulb the color will vary. There are several types of HID bulbs are available. The types are D1S HID Bulb pair, D1S HID Bulb Phillips, D2R HID Phillips, D2S Higher Kelvin Pair, B1 Xenon HID Bulb pair and much more types are available. One important thing while buying the HID Bulbs, the HID bulbs are not to be sold separately. We can fit this HID bulbs which looks like a factory fitted lamps. Ease of fitting is the main advantage of this product. There are several range of HID bulbs are available in the market for various car manufacturers. The HID Bulbs are available in the price range of 69$ to 199$. Why need to wait, replace your head bulbs with the HID Bulbs. It's Very easy and affordable.


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