Thursday, January 22, 2009

Park N Place

Hi guys, Happy to meet you all with an iteresting article about the latest parking aids available in the market. By using this Park N Place product we can park the vehicle in clean manner. During parking in a narrow garages and sheds there may be a chance of getting several scratches on the car. By using this product we can stay away from this type of scratches. This Park N Place aid is very useful for the visually impaired, learners and alcholics. If the car we owned is the SUV or the Sedan model we need to be more careful while parking. The Park N Place comes with a fiber rod and red light. When the bumper of the car the touches the fiber rod, the red light will flash and alerts the driver. It comes with a portable stand, which we can place anywhere. It is priced around 20USD only. For more Gadgets click the link.Thank you for seeing this post.Hope it is useful.


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