Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bajaj Lite

Hi the series of small budget comes a good news for the middle class families that bajaj india also joins the the auto expo 2008 bajaj india corporation introduced the concept vehicle of the bajaj lite,which is the small budget car...lets see the features of the car...Take a look at the picture here. Not a bad looker at all, especially the lights and bumper - some might even say it looks better than the Zen Estilo. However, remember that this is a concept vehicle - the actual Bajaj Lite might look very different indeed.

Launch date is expected to be a couple of years down the line - so no, we are not going to see Bajaj's small car battling it out with Tata's small car on the streets of India.

Expected fuel efficiency of the Bajaj Lite is 35 kmpl. That is higher than the rumoured fuel efficiency of the Tata small car which is 25 kmpl.

The Tata small car is expected to cost Rs 1.25 lakhs - when it is out on the streets. That day is not too far away. But the Bajaj car is gonna be a long time coming.

The Bajaj Lite concept will offer a pterol and a diesel engine. So is that 35 kmpl for every liter of diesel or petrol? No answers yet. If you know the answer, please add it in comments below.

According to Rajiv Bajaj, managing director of Baja Auto, the car will have a transmission which is unique in that it won't be an automatic transmission or a geared vehicle but something in between.

Discussions are going on with Renault for mass production of the Bajaj Lite.

The price which renault is targeting for the small car is $ 3000, which translates to Rs 1,17,000 at current exchange rates. But this is just a figure - production costs and exchange rates boith could change massively by the time the car is ready for production.

So now we keep waiting for the Tata small car...thank you for seeing this post...please fill your comments in the cbox...


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