Wednesday, July 9, 2008

BMW Hydrogen 7

Hi guys all well known about the oil price hike in the world market...due to this oil price hike, there is a big demand for the petrol and diesel in India for the last one month...the remedy for this is to use the hydrogen or air as fuel to run the vehicles...this idea is introduced in to the market...due to that hydrogen powered cars are now available in the the series of the hydrogen powered cars here comesBMW Hydrogen 7 luxury car...lets see the features of the car...The BMW Hydrogen 7 luxury automobile is set to hit the streets as a lease in April 2007, according to the BMW Group. In a race with Mazda to bring the first commercial hydrogen cars to market, BMW will have taken the lead in introducing its first 7-Series production hydrogen vehicles in both the USA and Germany.

Unlike other hydrogen cars, which are powered by fuel cells, the Hydrogen 7 is powered by a 12-cylinder internal combustion engine (ICE). The BMW Hydrogen 7 also generates 260 hp, accelerates from 0 - 60 mph in just 9.4 seconds and runs on liquid hydrogen fuel instead of compressed hydrogen as is typical for fuel cell vehicles. The vehicle's top speed is electronically limited to 143 mph.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 is a dual-fuel vehicle capable of running on either hydrogen or gasoline with just the press of a button on the steering wheel. Engine torque and performance remain the same when switching between the two modes. If either tank on the BMW Hydrogen 7 runs out of fuel the onboard controller automatically switches the vehicle to the other tank.

The combined cruising range for the BMW Hydrogen 7 is around 425 miles with the gasoline tank (16.3 gal) contributing 300 miles and the hydrogen tank (17.6 lb) contributing 125 miles. Because the BMW Hydrogen 7 has dual-fuel capabilities, it can roll out before the hydrogen infrastructure is in place.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 is a 4-seater 7-Series automobile based upon the BMW 760i with many additional features. Some of the new features include Park Distance Control, mirrors with automatic anti-dazzle and Soft Close Automatic for the doors.

The BMW 12-cylinder dual-fuel hydrogen-gasoline internal combustion engine provides 260 hp and helps the Hydrogen 7 luxury automobile achieve a total range of over 425 miles.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 has undergone the regular product development process, which means when the cars are rolled out, they will not be individually hand-built machines as are most concept hydrogen cars. Rather, the Hydrogen 7 will roll off the production line in limited quantities as lease vehicles in both the USA and Germany.

In Munich, the first public hydrogen fueling station is being built and will open in 2007, coinciding with the release of the BMW Hydrogen 7. Lessees of the BMW Hydrogen 7 will also be able to fuel up in Berlin, which has two liquid hydrogen fueling stations built as part of the Clean Air Partnership program. In the U. S., liquid hydrogen fueling stations are currently stationed in Washington D. C. and Oxnard, California plus there are several more additional mobile units that can also provide liquid hydrogen as needed.Thank you for seeing this post...happy for your visit...please fill your comments in the cbox...


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