Sunday, July 13, 2008

Car Maintanance Tips

Hi guys...Happy to meet you again with an interesting article about the car maintanance...everyone in the world are having the dream to buy a car...before buying a car everybody want to know how to maintain the car...due to the reduction in the cars price everyone gonna buy is a list of the various auto maintanance tips as follows:

  • Check the engine oil at regular intervals: The performance of the car engine is largely dependent upon the engine oil. The decrease in the level of engine oil is usually shown by an indicator. For effective performance of the engine it is an absolute necessity that you keep on changing the engine oil at regular intervals. It is advisable that you check the engine oil level at an interval of 10 to 15 days.
  • Check the working of the car brakes: The braking system of the cars are quite important in the perspective of security. You must keep on looking into a number of factors like whether the brake pedal is too soft to press or whether it makes a squeaking noise. Often it is seen that brakes with low brake fluids tend to become soft. The accumulation of dust on the car breaks also results in the production of abnormal sounds coming from the brakes while they are pressed. If on pressing the brakes your car pulls on to a side then there may be a problem with the adjustment of the brake clearance.
  • Regularly keep on checking the electrical system of the car: The electrical system of the car is one of the inherent parts of the car that is regularly needed to be checked to ensure hassle free driving and high level performance.
  • Check the condition of the tires Always make it sure that the tires of your car are filled with recommended air pressure. Both low and high pressure will hamper smooth driving.

    Apart from these you should also do regular servicing of your car for its efficient performance.Thank you for seeing this post...please fill your comments in the cbox...happy for your visit...

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