Monday, December 22, 2008

Cherished Number Plates

Hi Guys, Happy to meet you all with an interesting article about the Cherished number plates. Cherished number plates are nothing but private number plates which looks like a name of the proprietor or the other popular words. If we need to denote the word BOSS in the number plate we may use the 8055 serial number as the number. These types of numbers are not available to the others who contacting RTO's directly even they are offering a high cost. These Number plates are called as Cherished number Plates. Usually we are getting the number plates through only third parties. To issue a number like the one given above, third party agents needs more money when compared to the ordinary number plates. Due to the invention of the site we don't need to spend several Dollars or Pounds to get the cherished number plates. In this site there are several categories are available. First the number plates are classifieds in to Private and Personnel number plates. In this BOSS number plates, Number 1 plates, Job number plates and Ageless number plates are the most popular ones. In this Mr. and Miss number plates are also available. The samples for the above said models are given below.

For BOSS - BO55 BKS,
and for Number 1- 1 AEF,
and for Job, Doctor- DR6650,
and for Ageless numbers, MSU 468,
and for Mr.- MR 985,
and for Miss.- MI55 RD.

Like the ones given above there are several verities of number plates are available in the site. Please check out the link given below to find the site. It’s very easy to get the Cherished number plate by using the northumbrianumbers site. The payments for the number plate are done by using the credit cards and debit cards as well. For issuing the Cherished number plates third party agents took some weeks, but by using this site we can get the number plates within two days. Don't need to wait, just click the link to get the Cherished number plate. Thank you for seeing this post. Hope it's useful. Paste your comments here.


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