Sunday, December 21, 2008

You Need A Budget Software

Hi Guys, Happy to meet you all with an interesting article about the You Need A Budget Software. Usually we are using the worlds famous Microsoft Excel for the mathematical problems and Tally for the financial problems. In those software’s we are not able to plan the future when we compare it to that of the YNAB software. In this YNBA methodology we are having 4 important rules given by the founder of the YNAB software. The rules are given below.

1. Stop living Paycheck to Paycheck
2. Give every Dollar a job
3. Prepare for rain
4. Roll with Punches

You Need A Budget Software is easy to use and very attractive too. Working with the YNAB software is easy and the operations like Register, Budget, Scheduler or Reports are available in the left navigation bar. We need to enter the income details in to the Register section of the YNAB software and there is no need for the several registers for each transaction. In the Budget section of the software we need to set the budget for everything. The expenses are noted in to the Scheduler. Reports contain the whole thing in the pictorial representation. The YNAB software is very easily configurable with all the versions of Windows, and it takes only 9 minutes for the software to load in normally configured system. The software costs around 49.95 US Dollars. The Free trial of the Software is also available in the site Moreover the YNAB software comes with enormous features like Income tax forecaster, Retirement Planner, Mortgage analyzer. This software is the best tool for Budgeting. I prefer to choose this software than any other software’s. Happy for your visit. Paste your comments here.


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