Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hyundai Tucson

Hi Guys. Happy to meet you all with an interesting article about the latest cars available in the market. In this series here comes Hyundai Tucson.The Tucson is the first premium 4-door SUV from Hyundai to come to India. The car is built with excellent on-road and off-road capabilities and superb sound and noise dampening materials to retain a strong position in the SUV segment. This reliable and environment-friendly SUV offers roomy interiors, impressive performance, and easy handling. It is offered in electronic variably controlled four-wheel-drive configuration. The base comes standard with the 140 horsepower four-cylinder engine and a five speed manual transmission. We recommend you buy the slightly more expensive six cylinder powered Elite and Elite S that have a 173-hp V6 and an automatic transmission if you intend to do anything more than drive this Tucson on paved roads with light loads.The Tucson is available in a single diesel base variant, which is propelled by a highly refined 2.0-litre turbocharged CRDi diesel engine that generates 112 bhp of power and is linked to a smooth 5-speed manual transmission. It has an aggressive front fascia and delivers a smooth ride. The car is available at a price range of 16,00,000 rupees. Thank you for seeing this post. Hope you like it. Paste your comments here.


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