Thursday, November 20, 2008

India's Top 5 Expensive cars

Hi Guys. Happy to meet you all with an interesting article about the most expensive cars in India. Lets see it one by one. In this series first comes, Mercedes Maybach. Mercedes Maybach represents the pinnacle of Mercedes Benz's luxury brand in India. The price starts from about Rs. 5.5 crore it is considered to be the king amongst all luxury cars present in India.

The two variants of this car, Maybach 62 and Maybach 57, have been introduced in the country with new levels of lavishness. The car looks sturdy with an elegant black trimming and impressive exteriors. No luxury has been overlooked while designing the car. The car is adorned with elegant white carpet, top-quality DVD screen, refrigerator, electronic separation between front and rear seats, champagne flute holders, and everything that is listed under high end-luxuries. The elegant white is splashed across the interiors to adorn the car ambience and steal the heart. Thank you for seeing this post. Hope you like. Paste your comments here.


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