Monday, November 17, 2008

TATA And ISRO collabarative project

Hi Guys...happy to meet you all with an interesting article. The TATA motors, one of the leading auto manufacturing corporation in India signed a project with ISRO(Indian Space Research Organisation). The project is to manufacture a hydrogen fuel cell car. The model which might be introduced as early as 2009. This Fuel Cell technology is amid the purest vehicle technology in a world with water vapors as emissions.The contract for a pilot project to observe whether H2 can be utilized to fuel automobiles has been signed and the operation started, said Mr. G Madhavan Nair (Chairman of ISRO) that creates satellites as also their launch vehicles.Mr. G Madhavan Nair said.The planned vehicle will utilize some of ISRO’s technology of rocket fuel technology. The future car will be fully electricity driven which will be created by mixing H2 and atmospheric O2 in a fuel cell.Thank you for seeing this post...happy for your visit..please fill your comments in the cbox...


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