Friday, November 28, 2008

Toyota Fortuner

Hi Guys. Happy to meet you all with an interesting article about the latest cars in the market. The IMVs are designed to be robust and affordable, so they are built on a ladder-type chassis that may seem Jurassic for a SUV or MPV. Toyota engineers have worked hard to ensure better comfort levels. The question is, does this compromise the car's performance or refinement? Read on to find out. The Fortuner sits in the Rexton and Everest segment - suitable for families looking to size up from the sedan car, Honda CRV and RAV4. However, it's not a 'serious' off-roader in the way of its larger brother the Landcruiser-Prado TZ, instead it is more like a less priced Lexus Harrier which is the class leader in the luxury SUV segment since launch here even if it comes from grey importers. The Fortuner is powered by a 2.7-litre VVTi engine which has only four cylinders but after a brief drive you will feel that a silky 6-cylinder engine is responding to your needs with plenty of low-end torque. A technically advanced engine with variable valve timing, the engine boasts a useful 241Nm at 3,800rpm. For a rather interesting selling price of RM182,888, the Fortuner is a lot of car for the money. Not only does it have size on its side, it's also very well-equipped, with a multifunction trip computer, digital climate control, steering wheel controls for the stereo, factoryfitted parking sensors and a rear air-conditioning system all being on the standard equipment list. It is also a superbly built, highly-equipped car. Thank you for seeing this post. Happy for your visit. Please fill your comments here.


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