Monday, July 20, 2009

I Knew..poem nice one

I Knew

When our eyes first met�
How did I know?�
How did I know all my love, to you, I would show�

How did I know?�
You would be the one to make my life complete�
To fill my eyes with love�
No longer with deceit�

How did I know?�
You would show me love in so many ways�
Leaving me speechless�
In ecstasy, a continuous daze�

I have you to love�
How can it be?�
I have a part of you inside of me�

How did I know?�
I belonged in only your arms�
With your strong hold, you keep me from all harm�

How did I know?�
That sexy sparkle in your eyes�
Would be the cause of my daze, my desirable sighs�

How did I know?�
I would need you to live�
To you, all my love, is what I give�

How did I know?�
We were destined to be�
It's the passion in your eyes�
The premonition I feel inside of me�

How did I know?�
All my thoughts would be of you�
How did I know....?�
My love, I knew�

I LOVE YOU!!! ��


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