Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera is a four-door, four-seat luxury sedan, which
launched in 2009. It is front-engined with rear wheel drive, with
four-wheel drive also available.


At launch, the Panamera will have three engine choices - a 3.6 L V6
found in the 2008 facelifted Cayenne with 300 hp (224 kW; 304 PS) in
the base Panamera, a 4.8 L V8 with 405 hp (302 kW; 411 PS) in the
Panamera S and Panamera 4S[3], and a turbocharged 4.8 L V8 with
approximately 500 hp (373 kW; 507 PS) in the Panamera Turbo.[4] There
is even a hybrid version[5] in the pipeline. Rumors suggest that the
V-10 engine from Porsche's limited-run Carrera GT supercar may be
offered as well, although this is still extremely unlikely given the
expense of manufacturing the engine and that Porsche does not
currently have a facility capable of producing a suitable number of
the V-10 engines per year. It is also rumored that the V-12 diesel
from the Audi Q7 may be used in the Panamera.

US models include engine start/stop system. Turbo version includes
active aerodynamics with a multi-stage, adjustable rear spoiler.

Manufacturer —Porsche
Production — 2009
Predecessor — Porsche 989 concept car,
4-door 911 based prototype
Class — Mid size luxury car
Body style(s) — 4-door sedan
Layout — FR layout/all wheel drive
Engine(s) — 3.6 L V6, 4.8 L V8, 4.8 L turbocharged V8
Transmission( s) — 6-speed manual, 7-speed PDK
Length — 4970 mm (195.7 in)
Width — 1931 mm (76 in)
Height — 1418 mm (55.8 in)
Curb weight — 1800 kg (3968 lb)
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